Symphonic Analytics

databckgrdStarting in the fall of 2014, we will launch a new service based on an innovative and exciting methodology called Persuasion Modeling.

Persuasion modeling goes beyond traditional measurement and evaluation and uses quantitative analytics to explore meaningful patterns in large data sets.

Instead of simply tracking activities and outputs—and organizing that into a dashboard that quickly overwhelms anyone who looks at it—we will help you make data-driven decisions that reduce the obstacles to effective mobilization and action. Influencing behavior often requires changes in the environment, and we combine data and years of experience to help you create environments that make change possible.


Our methodology is rooted in decades of social science research. We take as our starting point what we already know about human behavior, and we use that to identify the things most likely to drive how people think and act. We use a variety of analytical tools to better understand the theater in which your audience performs. Our goal is to help you shape that theater in ways that are conducive to the kinds of behaviors you wish to see.

Persuasion Modeling is a service that offers practical benefits to executives in the corporate, government and nonprofit sectors. To learn more, click here.