Farmers, Ranchers, Government and Collective Action

Today, I led an all-day seminar for senior leaders at the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. We talked about the growing complexity in their eco-system; a complexity that makes it difficult to sustain multi-sector relationships to protect the nation’s environment. […]

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Collective Action and the American Cooperative Extension System

This week I facilitated a conversation for some of the most influential leaders of the American Cooperative Extension System. You may not know who they are or what they do, but these individuals lead some of the largest land-grant university systems in the country. Collectively, they have the power to transform our nation. […]

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Symphonic Insights (June 2014)

The June issue of [ut_highlight color=”#1e73be”] Symphonic Insights [/ut_highlight] features stories about Bill Coughran and strategic foresight at Google, Patrick Soon-Shiong and his efforts to digitally connect the American justice system, and Dean Kamen and his new invention (Slingshot) that promises to bring clean water to billions of people. […]

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Imagine Science Campaign Design Lab

Senior leaders from each of the partner organizations have met for months now to help us further refine the emerging partnership. This Working Group developed criterion that we then used to select three local communities in the United States where we can launch this partnership. We plan to show that we can effectively combine national and local [...]

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Symphonic Insights (May 2014)

In this issue we feature stories about the “imagination differential” in Africa, the life story of Keni Washington (and the fight over racial integration on college campuses in the 1960s), Kevin Feige and the turnaround at Marvel Studios, Elizabeth Warren and her journey from professor to U.S. Senator, and Fat Baby and the growing popularity [...]

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Symphonic Insights (April 2014)

I’m excited to announce that we’ve published the inaugural issue of Symphonic Insights, a collection of curated content we found insightful, compelling, and just downright intriguing. Each month we will collect things we believe to be worthy of your time and attention. We hope, in time, you will count on us to sort through the [...]

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