What if you could map out the critical pathways and major milestones in the life cycle of the average American? Well, we did just that and we call it the American Life Cycle Diagram.™

This image is an example of one of tools that makes our work stand out from others: ecosystem mapping. Ecosystem Mapping is a strategic planning tool we developed for our customers. The tool is designed to help your organization understand the many forces that affect your ability to achieve your strategic goals and objectives. Before you settle on a strategy, you must have a thorough understanding of your ecosystem.

Our process is designed to help you and your organization construct a flexible, dynamic, and visual representation of your environment that can be used as a “canvas” for strategic planning. Unlike static stakeholder profiles, community asset maps, or environmental scans, we have developed a tool that will allow you to envision the cascading impact of various situations and scenarios on the environment in which you and your stakeholders operate. We often describe our ecosystem mapping process as the creation of a multi-­‐dimensional strategy canvas where you and your organization can think and plan strategically in ways that maximize your impact.

Click here to view a larger version of the American Life Cycle Diagram™.

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