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Project Description

We were asked to facilitate a two-day meeting with representatives from not-for-profit organizations, public agencies, and other stakeholders from Baltimore, the District of Columbia, and Philadelphia. The retreat was sponsored by the D.C. Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation and the National Organization of Concerned Black Men and was held in Baltimore at the Reginald Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History and Culture.

We engaged the participants in a series of presentations, team building, and other activities designed to increase their collective understanding of the issues and to help participants build stronger collaborative relationships toward improving the academic and social development of boys of color. The participants spent most of the second day working in three small groups (by city) identifying the various challenges and opportunities within each city.  Each group developed a vision of what they hoped the general environment for boys of color would be in 2016 and they presented their vision to the other two groups. Recognizing that each city has unique opportunities and challenges with regard to supporting the growth and development of boys of color, we helped the representatives from each city develop short and long term action plans to address their specific issue.


Project Details

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