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Project Description

This is what the national headquarters of the U.S. Dream Academy presented us with in 2011. We worked with the Executive Director and her senior leadership team to create a research design that they could then use to properly capture the active ingredients necessary to build a mentor-driven recruitment and retention process.  We developed a process and a set of tools they then used to answer the questions for themselves and to build a training program to transfer knowledge throughout the network. That included protocols for how to conduct their own focus groups, a facilitator’s guide, as well as templates and tools to be used to collect and to interpret the data. Once they collected the data, we helped them interpret the findings, draw conclusions, and translate those into a workshop focused on how their chapter leaders could more effectively recruit and engage mentors. We reviewed their training materials and made suggestions and recommendations on how the materials could be strengthened. The US Dream Academy emerged with a polished, one-day training program that their staff could deliver throughout the country.


Project Details

Skills Needed: