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Where we’ve been and where we intend to go.

Welcome. If you aren’t familiar with us, allow me to give voice to the broad team of professionals that comprise the Symphonic Family.

We are not like the traditional consulting firm. We speak more authentically. We move more rhythmically. We call on metaphors that are more soulful.

But don’t let our presentation confuse you.

We take pride in being more rigorous, more analytical, and far more creative than others. We aren’t intimidated by difficult circumstances or the discordant notes that confront us.

Since 2004, we have consistently demonstrated our ability to work in a wide variety of environments with a diverse body of groups and individuals.

Working with the Mansfield Center at the University of Montana, we co-designed and co-facilitated a retreat in the mountains of Montana that brought together leaders from China, South Korea, Japan and the United States to construct a shared future around energy. Along with the Noyce Foundation, we facilitated a strategic partnership among the nation’s oldest and largest youth development organizations designed to inspire at-risk youth to Imagine Science!

We created a character education curriculum for ninth graders in Louisville, Kentucky that teach them how to embody Muhammad Ali’s core values. We developed community engagement and collective action strategies to support a partnership between the NYPD and a community-based non-profit in BedStuy (NY) to promote the principles of human justice and arrest diversion.

We worked with a health care association to visualize what the ecosystem looks like from the perspective of low-income consumers of health care and we’ve mapped similar ecosystems for agencies in the fields of public works, public safety, education, and philanthropy. We’ve created strategic plans for national service, for advancing social justice, for improving the life outcomes for men and boys of color, and for creating a global partnership for youth development professionals.

We’ve facilitated community-healing dialogues in Tuskegee, Alabama and convened focus groups and listening sessions with residents in low-income communities in Dallas, Baltimore, New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. We’ve delivered speeches on movement building, collective action, and leadership to audiences in the public and private sectors. And, we’ve taught courses for thousands of leaders across the Federal government.

In one of the most interesting experiences from our past, we co-designed and co-developed a week-long leadership development program that used the Civil War battle at Gettysburg as the backdrop.

We have a proven track record of accomplishment in a variety of fields and with a diverse array of clients. Our goal is, and has always been, to help you make decisions today that will position you to do extraordinary things tomorrow. It is with that purpose that we move boldly into our second decade of service.