Our mission is to help leaders lead—particularly in complex and rapidly changing environments. If you’re someone who wants to make a difference and you find yourself in a complex environment with lots of moving pieces, we can help. We provide a comprehensive suite of professional services—from research and analysis to training and development.
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Facilitators, presenters, and keynote speakers for conferences, meetings, and retreats.

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Instructional designers, instructors, workshops and briefings on a variety of leadership and management topics.

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End-to-end strategic planning, one-off strategy sessions, ecosystem mapping, road mapping, and design labs.

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Literature reviews, in-depth interviews, online and offline surveys, and end-to-end field studies.

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Group coaching, one-on-one coaching, assessments, professional development, and peer learning.

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Market research, community outreach, graphic design, framing, and speech writing.

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A 200 Year Conversation

The headline and the opening sentences caught our eye: “The Irish are repaying a favor from 173 years ago in Native Americans’ fight against coronavirus”: “More than 170 years ago, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma didn’t have much. The tribe suffered devastation...

Where and when you enter

Imagine walking into a crowded auditorium. You scan the room with your eyes and notice different groups of people, huddled in small circles, engaged in conversations only they can hear. What do you do? Where do you go? Most importantly, how do you join an existing...

After the storm…

The artist—and the artwork—caught our eye as soon as we saw them one recent quiet, locked-down morning. Kadir Nelson is an award-winning author and artist; some of you likely know his New Yorker covers, or his album art for artists like Drake, or have children’s books...

Repairing breaches of trust

Trust, it turns out, is fragile, and once broken, it can be very hard to repair. If you’ve broken the trust that someone has placed in you, and you want to repair the damage, ask yourself this: Do they blame you or do they blame the situation? The answer (and your response to it) will determine the path back from the breach.

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