Symphonic How-to Guides: Complete Collection


The Symphonic How-to Guide: Complete Collection includes all 11 of our most popular How-to Guides.



This Collection is designed to serve as a resource for people who have promising ideas and who are in the process of turning them into thriving movements for change—be they within organizations or within communities.

What the Collection seeks to do is to help you understand the steps required to understand the challenge, to translate that understanding into a plan of action, and then to help you learn how to
recruit people and resources to implement your plan. This is about collective action. Like athletes in a number of sports, success comes from being prepared and knowing how to respond under a wide variety of situations and circumstances. The same is true for leaders who have a vision of a better organization, a better community, or for just better performance.

As a leader, you can’t afford to get stuck. As the environment around you changes, you need to know how to respond—you need to know what activities you can implement to keep yourself and your team from stalling. This Collection is designed to help you. It gives you a number of activities you can use under situations that you will face as you attempt to reach your goal or destination.