Advancing the Center for Social Justice

How can we better align all of the things we do throughout the year to strengthen our collective impact? This was the challenge presented to us by the executive director of the Center for Social Justice at Georgetown University. They did not want to revise their vision or their mission. They simply wanted to be more strategic with how they went about advancing that mission and vision.

So, we worked with the staff at CSJ throughout the summer of 2009 to update the organization’s strategic plan. While the current strategic plan had guided the organization exceptionally well, the leadership team at CSJ thought it was time to revise the plan to reflect many of the changes that had transpired since. Using a series of conversations, meetings, and brainstorming sessions we helped them identify an action plan that aligned all of the Center’s disparate activities across its many program areas—research, teaching, scholarship, and service—to strengthen the organization’s collective impact.

Through our work with this client, we demonstrated a number of our core business capabilities. The research and consulting engagement included: (1) data collection and data analysis; (2) in-depth interviews with staff; (3) facilitated planning sessions with senior staff; (4) financial analysis of the organization’s financial condition; (5) tools to assist the senior leaders with budgeting and financial planning; (6) an organizational assessment in key functional and program areas; (7) a comprehensive SWOT and PESTEL analysis; (8) and a written strategic plan (9) with communications recommendations on how it should be presented and framed to the board, staff, customers, and other stakeholders. 


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January 25, 2019

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