Have you ever heard the story of the Neelakurinji?

You should, because it’s a story with powerful metaphors for life.

“Kurinji” is a flower and “neela” means “Blue”—loosely translated as the “Blue Flower.”

The Neelakurinji is a rare flower that shares its blossoms with the world only once every 12 years. People around the world wait eagerly for the emergence of the Neelakurinji’s brightly colored flowers, as those flowers spread joyously over the hills of South India.

The last time the Neelakurinji bloomed was in 2006. Last year (2018) the world witnessed the emergence of this mysterious flower, celebrating its splendor and its symbolic call for self-renewal and self-awakening.

Like the Neelakurinji, 2018 was also a year of self-renewal for me and it has culminated in a self-awakening that I am excited to share. Last year, in fact over the last several years, I’ve been blessed to have had a steady flow of projects that have helped me both reaffirm our company’s mission, as well as my own.

This June, we will celebrate 15 years of business with a steady flow of content, with a series of workshops and webinars, and with a new book. We intend to emerge from our hibernation, in full bloom with a commitment to shifting into a new phase—one of growth and expansion.

For those of you who have been waiting for Symphonic to bloom, the wait is over.


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