I was searching for a unique way to commemorate the New Year, so I asked my wife, Lisa, for some ideas. She suggested I consider this short sentence from Their Eyes Were Watching God, a legendary book from celebrated author Zora Neale Hurston.

“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.” 

There are so many clichés that litter our inboxes this time of year. For me, Hurston’s words surely don’t fall into that category. Her words have the potential to cut through that clutter and to speak to our souls—if we allow them to.

As I embark on a new year, I am going to find a measure of comfort in the questions that endure. I know it can be disquieting to search for clarity and certainty in the midst of the complexity of the world around us. It is quite natural to seek reassurance that there can be meaning in the peaks and valleys of everyday life.

Whatever you are striving to accomplish or searching to attain, don’t give up. Don’t stop searching for answers. As Hurston reminds us, there are years where the dots don’t connect and the path forward seems to be littered with obstacles.

Remain patient. Continue the search and believe. I believe that a new year offers us the hope and the promise that something bigger and better lies ahead.

So, may 2015 bring you the patience to endure the questions that go unanswered and the courage to question the answers that do come.


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